Casey Strauss

The idea of being a visually creative person occurred about twenty-five years ago when sculpting live models from clay, it happened in a casual studio environment with students far more advanced than myself. Being advised by others, I needed to learn how to draw. Twelve years ago I enrolled in a live model drawing class at The Evanston Art School. Eleanor Speiss Ferris, gave me my first understanding of figure drawing, and of spacial relationship. In that class, I learned to see. I was advised to draw and not to paint until my ability improved. By chance, I was invited to a class by a friend for one afternoon to paint.  She gave me oils to use, a brush and some medium. The immediate enjoyment of putting oil paint on a canvas that day brought me to how I paint today.

Oil is my primary paint of choice, although painting with encaustic (hot wax) has been intriguing. The architecture of the human face remains my most rewarding subject. Although, painting waxes and wanes in my life, I remain dedicated to the possibilities oil paint allows for my creative voice.

David Gista, my teacher for the past ten years, has given me the freedom to paint with what ever my talents suggest. He remains for me a teacher of immense understanding for the individual as a creative entity.

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