Sally Haglund

SpendSally Haglunding all day with my dad at “the shop, “- the family owned silk screen printing company – was a  multi- sensory adventure for me as a child. Smelling emulsions in the cavernous dark room; hearing the percussive sounds of the large presses; handling the different weights of paper. Watching dad “carve away” negative space around lettering, using an exacto knife all fascinated me.  As did the morgue, a resource file cabinet bursting with type face and images.  My affection for print, type face, paper and exacto knives prompted me to study graphic design.  However, I discovered colorful fabrics, texture, furniture and space planning receiving a BA in Interior Design.  

Working in Chicago, I frequently attended lectures and seminars at the Merchandise Mart sponsored by upholstery fabric manufacturers…..Gorgeous full color brochures enticing designers to specify their Chintz or Mohair were distributed.  I kept them all.  Finding years later, as I purged my file cabinet, I couldn’t part with the colorful, patterned and textural images on heavy paper.

When I began painting, I felt a surge of excitement…paper, paint, tools, handling the materials…. Flooded with fond memories, I entered a familiar place.  I learned to first see, then draw and paint.  Creating TEXTURE on the canvas using the PAPER treasures I (now knew why) saved. Thick PAINT and thin glazes reveal hidden PRINT.  PATTERNS emerge in the positive and negative spaces as I define my composition and create brightly COLORed IMAGES.

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"Waiting", 40" x 30", mixed media

“Waiting”, 40″ x 30″, mixed media


“Forward (Jean Pond)” 48″x24″ mixed media

Ms. Pond was commissioned to sculpt a piece for the Columbian World Exposition in 1893.
A small National Geographic picture of her sculpting her piece titled “Forward,” inspired me.

"Stitch in Time", 10" x 10", acrylic on canvas

“Stitch in Time”, 10″ x 10″, acrylic on canvas

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